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Premium quality meat

Raised with care in the lands of Dobrogea, Romania


Centuries ago, the nomadic Vlachs settled themselves in the fertile lands of Dobrujea, between the Danube and the Black Sea. The vlachian tradition in shepherding and sheep husbandry goes back for centuries and is a testimony for our ability to produce lamb meat with a constant quality and an excellent taste. We honor our traditions and our history, and focus on mantaining the highest standards of quality throughout the whole process, respecting the lessons accumulated over time and passed on from generation to generation. Vlachian Lamb is therefore the trademark of the highest quality fresh lamb meat, with a peculiar and refined taste and always the same consistent quality.

The quality and the characteristics of the meat mainly depend on the origin, breed and habitat. The shelter, hygiene, microclimate and ratios are carefully selected in order to obtain the best results that can be provided by the breeds that we grow.

Raised without GMO.

The animals from which the product was derived have never been fed any feed containing genetically engineered feed from birth to harvest. Our quality management systems ensure that all products are hygienic and safe. Our lamb is always of the highest eating quality.

Consistent Quality

Same Taste All Year

Best Romanian Lamb

Tradition And History

Our Products

Vlahian Lamb is available both as carcasses and various lamb cuts: Shoulder cuts, Hindquarter cuts, Middle cuts and Offals.

The packaging methods that we can provide, ensures the maximum shelf life and food safety when the products arrives at the final customer shelf. The quality of the carton boxes secures the product to it’s final destination.

We can offer different packaging types, such as: Individually Wrapped (IW) , Vacuum Packed ( VAC), Multi Wrapped(MW), Bulk packed

We do focus most on our chilled products and our most important objective is to supply the highest quality fresh lamb products all around the year, giving our customers the confidence they require.


carcass back
carcass side

Bone-in Lamb Whole Carcass

Size of the piece: 13 – 16 kg; 16 – 20 kg
Packing format: Packed in cotton stockinette

Shoulder cuts

Hindquarter cuts

Middle Cuts

Other Cuts


Raised without genetically engineered feed

The animals from which the product was derived have never been fed any feed containing genetically engineered feed from birth to harvest.

Raised without added hormones

The animals from which the product was derived were raised without any added hormones or growth stimulants.

Natural, minimally processed
The product and its ingredients are not more than minimally processed. Minimally processed includes:
– Preserving or making edible by means of smoking, roasting, freezing, drying or fermenting;
– Physical processes that do not alter the raw product or which only separate it, such as grinding.


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HALAL Certificate

HACCP Certificate

ISO Certificate

Authorised producer